California Lake Maps Atlas

Atlas featuring a compilation of 50 underwater topography lakes & reservoirs including The Delta


  • Contours: Varies
  • Scale: Varies
  • GPS Data: Yes
  • Water Type: Fresh
  • Region/State(s): Northern California,Southern California
  • Price: $27.95
  • UPC: 761428 040015


Size of paper bound atlas approx. 11" w x 15" high, 90 pages.
This atlas is not waterproof.
The following is a list of maps contained in the atlas:

Almanor, Lake
Amador, Lake
Berryessa, Lake
Big Bear Lake
Cachuma, Lake
Camanche, Lake
Casitas, Lake
Castaic, Lake
Clear Lake
Colorado River, Lower
Delta, The
Del Valle, Lake
Diamond Valley Reservoir
Domenigoni, Lake
Don Pedro Lake
Eagle Lake
El Capitan Reservoir
Folsom Lake
Hodges, Lake
Irvine Lake
Isabella, Lake
Kaweah, Lake
Lopez Lake
McClure, Lake
Mendocino, Lake
Millerton Lake
Morena Reservoir
Nacimiento, Lake
New Hogan Lake
New Melones, Lake
Oroville, Lake
Otay, Lower
Pardee, Lake
Perris, Lake
Pine Flat Reservoir
Piru, Lake
Puddingstone Lake
Pyramid Lake
San Antonio Reservoir
San Luis Reservoir
San Pablo Reservoir
San Vincente
Santa Margarita Lake
Shasta, Lake
Silverwood Lake
Skinner Lake
Sonona, Lake
Success, Lake
Tahoe, Lake
Trinity Lake
Whiskeytown Lake
--Information on Structure Fishing
--Information on Analyzing a Lake

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