GPX Lake McConaughy

gpx (GPS Exchange Format) files


  • Contours:
  • Scale:
  • GPS Data: Yes
  • Water Type: Fresh
  • Region/State(s): Nebraska
  • Price: $3
  • UPC:


GPX file containing the GPS points featured on Fish-n-Map Company's Lake McConaughy (Lake McConaughy/Glendo) underwater topography map. GPX is universally accepted for use in most chart plotters, fish finders and hand held devices.

These points are designed to be used in conjunction with Fish-n-Map Company's Lake McConaughy map (Lake McConaughy/Glendo).

Please provide your e-mail address as this file will be sent via e-mail. Shipping charges for e-mail transmitted orders will be deducted at time of transmission.

Check with your manufacturer's user manual to determine how to download this file into your GPS unit.

The GPS coordinates featured on Fish-n-Map Company’s maps and charts are attached to various structural elements which have the potential of holding fish - depending on the season, water elevation, etc. These coordinates also give an idea of where you are with respect to the structural elements of the map.

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